What you can expect from us

Here are the things that you can expect as a student of RISE:

 Help choosing the right course, we will:

  • Provide information and fact sheets, written, in simple language, which describe the subjects that are available
  • Offer an induction programme that enables you to find out about the School and its facilities and to learn about the course – so you can decide if its right for you.
  • Offer an initial assessment to help you to identify the things you know and things you need to improve on
  • Provide opportunities for you to talk to a Mentor or teacher who will give you help and advice

To help you throughout your studies you will:

  • Be allocated a personal tutor who will provide advice and guidance about how to gain the maximum benefits from your learning
  • Be able to have extra help to improve your skills in reading writing, spelling and numeracy should you need it;
  • Be offered help and advice in planning for progression to higher education or into employment;
  • Have access, if required, to personal counselling with a counsellor and/or specialist advice

To provide high quality teaching and opportunities to learn, your teacher will;

  • Identify the goals of the lesson at the start of each class;
  • Employ a variety of teaching and learning methods appropriate to your learning goals and your style of learning;
  • Help you to assess your progress and provide you with constructive feedback and advice to help you to improve your performance;
  • Explain clearly the nature of each assignment the assessment criteria and, for written assignments, specify submission and return dates.