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Find out more about RISE Education in our prospectus. You can download a copy HERE which can be read online

Intervention Programme

We teach a variety of Intervention Programmes to help learners who require extra support.
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RISE Education have two main locations, Mitcham & Croydon. To apply
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Student Profile

We cater for students who:

  • Are not engaging in mainstream education
  • Have academic potential but are not realising it
  • Come from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Require alternative intervention to identify underlying causes of challenging behaviour
  • Require bespoke and innovative teaching styles
  • Would benefit from smaller group sizes
  • Require a brief respite to enable re-engagement into mainstream school

Our student’s voice

“Students’ report that they prefer attending RISE than previous schools”  Ofsted

I have been to many schools however I think this is the best school for me. It is easy to learn here and the style of teaching is easy to catch on to. It is a relaxed setting.” Darnell

“I have really improved because RISE meets my needs. I enjoy my lessons and am learning because I want to do well and not because I have to.”   Kayleigh

“I like RISE cause it’s different and quieter than normal school, the teachers are nicer cause they don’t shout.”   James


RISE prescribes to this concept and endeavours to work closely with:

  • Parent/guardian
  • Schools
  • Local Authority
  • Support Agencies
  • Other relevant Stakeholders

To achieve a successful outcome!

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Download Prospectus

Please click on the PDF icon to download our prospectus RISE Education Prospectus

Student Outcomes/Results

GCSE Results

3 A-C Grade 3 A-G Grade 3 A-C (incl Math & Eng) 3 Level 2 A-C or equiv 5 Level 2 A-G or equiv
2012-2013 9% 73% 9% 63% 63%
2013-2014 8% 23% 8% 25% 25%
  1. During 2012-2013 & 2013-2015, student could only undertake a maximum of 3 GCSE subjects
  2. *The percentages for 2014-2015 below are predictions.
  3. Students in this academic year are able to do more than 3 GCSE subjects
5 A-C Grade 5 A-G Grade 5 A-C (incl Math & Eng) 3 Level 2 A-C or equiv 5 Level 2 A-G or equiv

BTEC Results

Total Distinction Total Merits Total Passes Achievement %
2012-2013 1 6 16 ??
2013-2014 5 4 14 ??

Notes: 1. *The figures for 2014-2015 are predictions Progression Results

header Total Progressing Further Education Employment / Apprenticeship
2012-2013 75% 75% 0%
2013-2014 75%5 75% 0%