Prices for placements

Please be advised our AEP placement cost can vary between a daily rate of £70 to £155 per day, depending on the needs of the young person and referral information provided upon referral.

L Low Support £70 per day, Minor focus issues, issues with peers, non–aggressive non–compliance, attendance issues and refusal to attend schooling.
M Medium Support £80 to £90 per day Issues of disruption, aggressive language and behaviour, disregard for policies and rules, disengaging at school, incidents of violence, physical assaults and a high number of exclusions.
H High Support £100 to £125 per day Major issues with gangs, violence, weapons and aggression. Any drug involvement. High number of exclusions. Police involvement and physical assaults.

Please note pupils requiring support for additional needs/EHCP cost will vary between £125 to £155 depending on the information provided upon referral.

RISE Education Curriculum Offer For KS3 & KS4

RISE Education have put together a flexible programme tailormade where schools can refer a student for part or full length of the their fixed term exclusion. The benefits of this are as follows;


In-house programme for schools

(One & Half hours per session)

We are also offering a 6 weeks In-house programme delivered at your school by a team of qualified intervention facilitators. All our facilitators are DBS Checked.

This programme involves the following:

  • Initially the lead facilitator will meet with you to discuss your needs.
  • Plan and tailor-make a comprehensive programme for the identified needs.
  • Organise initial session for a group 8 students to assess the dynamics of the group.
  • Evaluate the outcome of the programme.
  • Create a planned timetable via student feedback report.
  • Submit programme outline to your SMT.
  • Finally, run the programme at a suitable time.
  • After care (discussed at the end of the programme)

KS3 – Long-term Placements

  • Full Academic and Wellbeing package
  • Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, History, RE and PSHE/Citizenship)
  • Princes Trust
  • Vocational Course in Sport & Fitness
  • Minimum of  8 to 10 learners per group
  • 25 hours per week

KS4 – Long-term Placements

  • Full Academic and Wellbeing package
  • Core Subjects (GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature (Optional), GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Science, GCSE Business Studies, GCSE History, GCSE RE and GCSE PSHE/Citizenship) Please note pupils are entered for a minimum of 5 GCSE’s or above depending on current achievement Levels.
  • Princes Trust
  • Functional Skills in English Level 1& 2
  • Functional Skills in Mathematics Level 1 & 2
  • Vocational Course in Sport & Fitness
  • Career & Post 16 Pathways Support and planning map For Year 11 Pupils
  • Minimum of  8 to 10 learners per group
  • 25 hours per week

Full time placements for pupils

with a EHCP, ESOL Learners, Additional complex needs or one to one support

  • Tailored made packages include SENCO Support, Full Academic Subjects and Wellbeing package
  • 25 hours per week

Please note that timetable may vary depending on referral information provided and the needs specified upon referral.