Head Teacher’s Welcome

Dear Parent/Guardian/careers

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to RISE Education and thank you for taking the time to read through this Handbook.

The handbook will enable you to gain a clear understanding of how we operate as a School as well as our expectation of parents and pupils.

By having a son/daughter at RISE, you are automatically a member of the rise Parents Association (TPA). We are an inclusive, informal, relaxed gathering of parents like you, and we aim to be a source of information and support for ALL RISE parents and their concerns in the education of their sons/daughters.

We hope that the handbook will also dispel any misconception there may be about the School, thus paving the way for a positive and productive working relationship.

We look forward to a happy and successful partnership.

Welcome to the Community of RISE Parents!

Alton McDonald -BA, MA, GTP, NPQH

Head Teacher

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Behaviour and Conduct

RISE Education is committed to establishing firm boundaries and personal responsibility for our pupils. All pupils are expected to behave respectfully and sensibly and should be fully aware that any anti-social, disruptive or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in the following manner.

  • Verbal Warning
  • Demerits
  • Meeting with House group mentor/tutor
  • Written warning sent to parents
  • Referral to the Headteacher
  • Contact School Inclusion Manager/Merton Alternative Education Manager
  • Referral to Head which may result in permanent exclusion
  • Criminal Damage /Assault on Staff

Any damage caused to the property or any of the equipment by a pupil will be seen as an act of criminal damage. Repairs to school property necessitated by criminal damage on the part of a pupil will be charged to the parent. Equal Opportunities Our school actively promotes equality of opportunity for all. We will not tolerate discrimination in any form against any member of staff or pupil on the grounds of race, culture, religious beliefs, ability, gender or sexuality.


Parents, guardians or social workers contact details as well as emergency contact numbers should be provided on enrolment and the school notified of any changes when they occur. Any special arrangement that should be taken into account should be made clear to the school before your child commences. In turn the School will keep parents and guardians updated on any important dates via telephone text or letter. Contact details for the centres: Ms Richards (Operations Manager) and Larra Bakich (Inclusion/Wellbeing Manager) 020 8 665 2605 (Option 2) / 07518 155 567 (Mitcham Site). Termly Reports As a school we strive to keep parents informed of their child’s progress at school. We feel this is an important part of our commitment of working in partnership with parents. Therefore
parents will receive a report outlining their child’s progress on a monthly basis. Academic Tutorial Day This is held twice each academic year. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress at school. We expect all parents to attend these meetings. Complaints Complaints are taken very seriously. Should you feel you have cause to complaint, you must put it in writing to the Head Teacher, who will contact you to resolve any issues. Photographs Photographs are taken throughout the academic year and used for display and promotional purposes. If you have any objections to the School using your child’s photographs please let us know. Fire Drills Fire drills are executed on a regular basis. All pupils are inducted on fire safety procedure during their induction when they commence their placement.

Safeguarding and Child Abuse

As a school we have a legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our pupils. This means we have a duty to report any concerns or suspicions that may compromise the safety of any pupil in our care. The school has appointed on-site Safeguarding Officer who deals directly with any concerns in a sensitive and appropriate manor. There are four areas of child abuse:

  • Neglect
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse

Any parent or pupil who has a concern must contact the Safeguarding Officer at the school, who will deal with the matter and offer support and advice. Safeguarding Officer:

Lead Safeguarding Officers: T: 020 8665 2605 / M: 07518 155 567 /

Mr Alton McDonald (Head Teacher): E: amcdonald@riseeducation.org.uk and

Ms Marcia Richards (Operations Manager): E: mrichards@riseeducation.org.uk

Deputy Safeguarding Officers:

Miss Larra Bakich (Inclusion/Wellbeing Manager: E: lbakich@riseeducation.org.uk and

Ms Shami Khanom (Referrals Manager): E: skhanom@riseeduaction.org.uk

Anti-bullying The school operates an anti-bullying policy, and any issue of bullying will not be tolerated. Any pupil found to be causing distress to another, be it verbally, emotionally or physically will be referred to the Safeguarding Officer. This could result in the matter being reported to the Police. Cyber bullying is fast becoming a trend on many social networking sites, and we aim to raise awareness within the school so as to prevent it occurring. Any pupil who is a victim of cyber bullying

s encouraged to save any conversations or threats as evidence and report the incidents to the Safeguarding Office and / or Police. Parents will immediately be informed of any incidents of bullying. E-Safety Digital technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people, both within schools and outside school. These technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. These technologies can stimulate discussion, promote creativity and stimulate awareness of context to promote effective learning. Our policy on e-safety establishes the ground rules we have in school for using ICT equipment and the Internet. The policy covers:

  • Unauthorised access to, loss of or sharing of personal information.
  • The risk of being subject to grooming by those with whom they make contact on the Internet.
  • The sharing/distribution of personal images without an individual’s consent or knowledge.
  • Inappropriate communication/contact with others, including strangers.
  • Cyber-bullying.
  • Access to unsuitable video/Internet games.
  • An inability to evaluate the quality, accuracy and relevance of information on the Internet.
  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Illegal downloading of music or video files. The potential for excessive use which may impact on the social and emotional development and learning of the young person.

In the event of any injury or where illness is suspected, a qualified First Aider is called and the appropriate action taken. Details of allergies or medical conditions should be filled in on the admission form. We ask that the school is kept updated should your child’s medical condition change in any way. Please be aware that parents are responsible for all medication being kept up to date Severe allergy sufferers who need to use an epi-pen must make arrangements with the school for storage and use. Asthmatic pupils must bring an inhaler into school which will be kept in their classroom at all times. Infectious conditions – if your child has an infectious condition, the school should be informed immediately and the pupil should be kept at home until they are no longer contagious.
Immunisation – the school expects parents to comply with UK medical recommendations. For the most up-to-date immunization advice visit: www.immunization.nhs.uk. Medication Pupils are not permitted to bring medicines of any description onto school premises, this includes painkillers and over the counter drugs. Pupils are not permitted to self-medicate on School premises and the School will not take responsibility for any pupil who self-medicates whilst in School. If a pupil is prescribed medication by their doctor, parents should ask the doctor to prescribe medicines that can be given before and after school where possible. Where this is absolutely unavoidable, parents will need to sign a Medication Consent Form and leave the medicine with a designated member of staff.

Attendance and Punctuality

School starts at 9.00am and finishes at 2.45pm. Students receiving one-to-one tuition may have different start time, normally 9.30am. A full timetable will be provided to each pupil before they start. All pupils should arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to ensure that they are ready for lesson. If a pupil is going to be late or absent from school, parents should let the school know by 8.30 am by telephoning:

T: 020 8665 2605 (Option 2) / M: 07518 155 567 or Email Miss Delilah Bakich (Attendance Officer) E:dbakich@riseeducation.org.uk and Miss Liliana Fernandes (Attendance Officer) E: lfernandes@riseeducation.org.uk



If a pupil has not reported for school 10 minutes past their scheduled start time, the school will first attempt to call the pupil to find out where they are.A subsequent call may be made to the parent if:

  • We are unable to contact pupil on their phone
  • We require confirmation on reason for absence

Any absence that is not supported by a letter, medical form or telephone call from the parent confirming the reason for the absence, will be classified as an unauthorised absent. Any patterns of lateness and/or absence will be taken seriously and communicated to parents. This information is also reported to the Home School or the local authority for action.


RISE Education has a compulsory uniform policy. All pupils should come to school dressed as follows:

Girls  •    Black trousers or skirt (no jeggings, jeans or leggings) •    Plain white shirt or blouse •    Black jumper – available from school •    Black or natural coloured tights •    Black enclosed, low heeled shoes (trainers plain black only) •    School own design polo shirt
Boys •    Black trousers •    Plain white shirt •    Black jumper – available from school •    Black enclosed shoes (trainers plain black only) •    School own design polo shirt

  • Hoodies are not permitted at any time.
  • No hats/caps are not permitted in the classroom.
  • Failure to attend school in correct uniform without a note from parent/guardian will result in a telephone call to parent/guardian and student being sent home.

ID Badge Pupils are required to wear an ID badge on site to identify them as a member of the School community and as a safeguarding measure. The pictures for the badges will be taken on the first day of entry and must be worn at all times whilst on the premises. The badge must be looked after, any badge lost, defaced or broken will incur a charge of £5 for a replacement. A similar ID badge is required when students attend South Thames College for their Science practical. Badges will be provided by the school Our Uniform Policy   We pride ourselves in ensuring that our pupils are dressed smartly and in a manner that is conducive to learning.

Other Key Information

Pupils will be given homework on a daily basis which they are required to complete. Pupils sign a homework agreement as part of the enrolment progress. Pupils who fail to hand in homework without a written excuse from their parent will be sanctioned and may be required to stay behind after school or during break times to complete work.
Sporting Activities
Sport and physical exercise opportunities are arranged offsite at the Sport Village, Sutton. Students are required to wear the following kits:

  • T- shirt – purchase at the school
  • Jogging trousers – purchase at the school

Details of costs will be sent to parents at the beginning of academic year or at enrolment, if student starts after the start of the academic year.

School Trips
Educational and fun outings are arranged throughout the year and parents will receive information on any trips planned accordingly. All outings are risk assessed and safeguarding measure taken to ensure the safety of pupils at all times.
School Fund
The school fund is a yearly payment of £20, you are required to make this payment at the start of the term. The fund covers the maintenance of the mini bus, enriches the quality of school life e.g. subsidy of some trips, clubs and entertainments.
Mobile Phones
Mobile phones must be handed in on arrival to a member of staff who will keep the phone in a secure place. The phone will be handed back to the pupil at the end of the school day. Any pupil who refuses to hand over their phone will not be allowed into the classrooms and parent/guardian will be informed. If a student is found with a phone in classroom, the following sanction will be applied.

  • Immediate removal from lessons
  • Parent informed about our mobile phone policy.
  • Detention after school
  • Send home after parent/carer is informed.
Parents must ensure their child come to school adequately prepared for lessons. All students should have a pencil case containing:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • rulers
  • calculator
  • eraser
  • protractors,
  • square set
Lunch / Catering
Pupil can order from a specified lunch menu at the start of each day. Money for lunch should be no more than £3.00 per day. Pupils in receipt of free school meal will be catered for by the school. Where pupils are not entitled to school meals, parents have the option of leaving money with the School on a weekly or monthly basis to cover the cost of their child’s lunch. The school (Mitcham site) also has a tuck shop that operates at break and lunch time, where pupils can purchase drinks and snacks.
Lockers can be provided for a fee of £10, which will be refunded at the end of the academic year provided locker is undamaged, in good working order and not defaced. Student must provide on padlock with 2 keys