Our Expectations of You

We expect you to:

  • Come to school dressed in full school uniform, arrive on time and ready to learn
  • Hand your mobile phone in on entering the School premises without fuss
  • Derive maximum benefit from your time at School and try your best at all times
  • Recognise the needs and rights of others and act with courtesy and consideration towards fellow students, staff and visitors to the School.
  • Attend all scheduled classes unless unable to do so for legitimate reasons (in which case you must let your tutor know in advance).
  • Be punctual in your attendance at all classes, tutorials, examinations and other assessments;
  • Make a genuine commitment to study diligently and conscientiously and draw your tutor’s or teacher’s attention to any difficulties;
  • Complete all classwork and homework assignments and submit them for assessment by the notified deadline;
  • Read the student handbook and follow the School policies, codes of practice and regulations;
  • Treat all School property with care and help maintain a congenial and clean School environment;
  • Comply fully with School regulations relating to health and safety;
  • Ensure you are entered for and sit the examinations that form part of your course;
  • Generally participate in and contribute to the good reputation, development and improvement of the School

In addition please note that

  • Smoking is banned in all buildings
  • Food and drink may be consumed only in the designated areas and must not be consumed in classrooms, or Computer Room.
  • Cheating, plagiarising or copying the work of other students will lead to immediate disciplinary action.
  • The School reserves the right to take disciplinary action against students who infringe School regulations. This could, in serious cases, lead to dismissal from the School.