RISE is founded on Christian values where all we do links to the gospel of Christ.   We place great emphasis on creating an environment where pupils are encouraged, accepted, and respected, recognising that each one of us is of equal importance in the sight of God. We recognise the uniqueness of every individual and the contribution that everyone brings to our school community.  We aim to ensure that every student’s special talents are suitably challenged and developed.

We are sensitive to individual needs where children’s self-esteem and confidence grows and where they feel able to make mistakes without criticism.  We place great emphasis on academic achievement while also offering a curriculum which encourages creativity and critical thinking within a broad Christian framework that recognises the importance of experience, personal values, and respect for the beliefs of others.  We aim to develop independence in both work and judgement. We want every student to be able to work well with others, showing social skills of co-operation and leadership and to be motivated to develop through a wide range of experiences.

At RISE we believe it is important for children to understand the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of their actions for themselves and others.  It is not only what is taught but how it is taught that is important; children learn and grow in understanding as much from our attitudes, our behaviour, our caring for each other and our own commitment to God.

We hope all children who come to RISE will enjoy their time with us and grow into happy, strong and lively members of the community.


Mission Statement

Christian values and high expectations are at the heart of all aspects of school life, providing a safe, happy and inclusive learning environment where children are encouraged to develop respect, self-esteem, and confidence.

Our purpose in God is to

“teach children wisdom and discipline, to help them understand the insights of the wise, to live disciplined and successful lives; to help them do what is right, just and fair”.

(Proverbs 1 v 1-3)