Other Key Information


Pupils will be given homework on a daily basis which they are required to complete. Pupils sign a homework agreement as part of the enrolment progress.

Pupils who fail to hand in homework without a written excuse from their parent will be sanctioned and may be required to stay behind after school or during break times to complete work.

Sporting Activities

Sport and physical exercise opportunities are arranged offsite at the Sport Village, Sutton. Students are required to wear the following kits:

  • T- shirt – purchase at the school
  • Jogging trousers – purchase at the school

Details of costs will be sent to parents at the beginning of academic year or at enrolment, if student starts after the start of the academic year.

 School Trips

Educational and fun outings are arranged throughout the year and parents will receive information on any trips planned accordingly.

All outings are risk assessed and safeguarding measure taken to ensure the safety of pupils at all times.

School Fund

The school fund is a yearly payment of £20, you are required to make this payment at the start of the term. The fund covers the maintenance of the mini bus, enriches the quality of school life e.g. subsidy of some trips, clubs and entertainments.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be handed in on arrival to a member of staff who will keep the phone in a secure place. The phone will be handed back to the pupil at the end of the school day.

Any pupil who refuses to hand over their phone will not be allowed into the classrooms and parent/guardian will be informed. If a student is found with a phone in classroom, the following sanction will be applied.

  • Immediate removal from lessons
  • Parent informed about our mobile phone policy.
  • Detention after school
  • Send home after parent/carer is informed.


Parents must ensure their child come to school adequately prepared for lessons. All students should have a pencil case containing:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • rulers
  • calculator
  • eraser
  • protractors,
  • square set

Lunch / Catering

Pupil can order from a specified lunch menu at the start of each day. Money for lunch should be no more than £3.00 per day.

Pupils in receipt of free school meal will be catered for by the school. Where pupils are not entitled to school meals, parents have the option of leaving money with the School on a weekly or monthly basis to cover the cost of their child’s lunch.

The school (Mitcham site) also has a tuck shop that operates at break and lunch time, where pupils can purchase drinks and snacks.


Lockers can be provided for a fee of £10, which will be refunded at the end of the academic year provided locker is undamaged, in good working order and not defaced. Student must provide on padlock with 2 keys.