RISE Education intervention programme for schools

Fixed-term exclusions are a key disciplinary tool available to schools to address poor behaviour. In most cases the young person spends the day(s) at home vegetating, if indeed they stay at home, and the likelihood of them doing anything productive with the exclusion day or even contemplating their behaviour, to stem future poor behaviour, is slim to non-existent.

RISE education has put together a flexible programme where schools can send referrals for pupils, for the full length or just part of their fixed-term exclusion. Alternatively, invite our intervention team on site to work with students who shows signs of challenging behaviour.

We have 2 packages on offer this academic year:

3 weeks full-time respite programme for schools

The benefits of this programme are:

  • Schools know exactly where their pupils are during their exclusion
  • The students are engaged in activity that is likely to stem future poor behaviour.
  • Reflect and recognise the consequences of their behaviour
  • Refocus their mind so that they are more likely to be successfully reintegrated into their normal schooling
  • Build on their self-esteem, confidence and anger management

In-house programme for schools

(One & Half hours per session)

We are also offering a 6 weeks In-house programme delivered at your school by a team of qualified intervention facilitators. All our facilitators are DBS Checked.

This programme involves the following:

  • Initially the lead facilitator will meet with you to discuss your needs.
  • Plan and tailor-make a comprehensive programme for the identified needs.
  • Organise initial session for a group 8 students to assess the dynamics of the group.
  • Evaluate the outcome of the programme.
  • Create a planned timetable via student feedback report.
  • Submit programme outline to your SMT.
  • Finally, run the programme at a suitable time.
  • After care (discussed at the end of the programme)

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Respite programme

This programme suits pupils who needs respite for a day or two.

In-house programme

We offer a comprehensive intervention programme that can be delivered at your school.

3 to 6 Weeks programme

An intensive programme to manage behaviour and wellbeing.