Health & Safety

Evacuation Procedures

Upon discovering fire or other emergency situation necessitating the evacuation of the building (including an evacuation taking place from adjacent buildings):

  1. Sound the alarm
  2. 2. Warn others in the area to evacuate the building
  3. Evacuate the building by the nearest exit. Do not wait to gather personal belongings
  4. Assemble on the pavement in front of the building unless the front court building is affected in which case turn right and assemble in LOVE LANE

First Aid

If you require first aid, please report to Reception read more…


Smoking is not permitted on the premises, if you would like to smoke please do so outside the building and ensure you discard of your stubs appropriately.

Personal Belongings

Please ensure you do not bring valuables with you when you come for lessons.   If you need to bring mobile phones or other items of value, please ensure you keep them safe as the Centre will not be liable should they become damaged or go missing.