Our Vision

All students will develop the knowledge, skills and character so that they can be happy in life, be successful in higher education or the inspiring career pathway of their choice and as such our intention is to become an engine of social mobility and social transformation in the creation of a more inclusive, just and equitable society.

We are a therapeutic specialist school creating success for students with SEND and with Social, Emotional and Mental Health challenges (SEMH) challenges. Students who cannot access mainstream education (or other non-therapeutic SEND settlings) will make progress at RISE because of our unique, caring and supportive ethos.

Our entire approach is centred in Reality/Choice Therapy which has a laser focus upon meeting the basic human needs of every child to strategically engage them in learning. These needs are: Love, Belonging, Power, Freedom, Survival and Fun.

Our vision of education seeks to:





Our Values

We believe that all our young people have the potential to achieve in school and succeed in life. We are committed to our pursuit of the highest standards possible in education and we are driven by the conviction that all students will excel irrespective of their individual starting points or personal circumstances.

We want all our students to flourish and to become creative, confident, and caring citizens who are happy in themselves, excited about learning, and ambitious for success. They will leave ready to participate fully in our democratic society and prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.  The quality of the relationships at the school also contributes to this shared purpose and it is through these interactions that trust, and belonging are developed and embedded in what we do with our students.

Our entire approached is centred in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory which has a laser focus on meeting the basic human needs of every child to strategically engage them in learning.  The needs are Love and Belonging, Power, Freedom, Survival and Fun.

We aim to help all students increase their knowledge, skills, aptitudes and abilities through:


School Value Student Expectations School Expectations
Develop a culture of excellence
  • Be the best you can be in everything you do
  • Strive to exceed all expectations inside and outside the classroom.
  • Allowing no excuses
  • Be ambitious for the future
  • Develop a curriculum with breadth and ambition of knowledge which challenges students to think
  • Systematic and sequenced curriculum which progresses student’s knowledge and skills.


Develop a culture of responsibility
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and behaviour through choice therapy and the intrinsic value of education.
  • Engage fully in lessons
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • Work to change your school, local and global communities for the better.
  • Use the curriculum to address social disadvantage by providing opportunities to widen student’s knowledge of the world to create equity of opportunity.
  • Use extra-curricular opportunities to develop cultural capital of all students.
Develop a culture of resilience
  • Work hard: remember that effort is the key to success.
  • Keep trying even when you find things difficult.
  • Enjoy difficult challenges.
  • Be resilient and maintain a growth mindset at all times.
  • Ensure the curriculum meets the needs of all learners including those with SEND
  • Create a curriculum that challenges all students to think hard about their learning through knowledge and skills
Develop a culture of family
  • Respect yourself, other people and the school environment.
  • Care for and support each other.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Value diversity and difference.
  • Ensure the curriculum is representative of the school community and brings in different perspectives.
  • The curriculum is adapted as appropriate to fill gaps created by interruptions to student’s education either through the pandemic or as a direct result of exclusions or low attendance.


The Purpose of the School Curriculum

The curriculum at RISE Education lies at the core of school activity. Every pupil and student is entitled to a curriculum that is rich and varied, challenging and inspiring which enables every individual to achieve their potential to the highest possible standard; so that all are able to shape their destinies and create a better world.

The curriculum intent at KS3 and KS4 is designed to give students as many qualifications as possible to explore strengths/ interests preparing them for their career choices, experience academic success whilst providing co-curricular subjects which build personal and social skills needed to survive and thrive as independent adults.

Core Learning

Knowledge is a building block of our curriculum, it forms the basis of enabling students to access academic discipline, and understanding subject-specific vocabulary is an essential part of our curriculum to allow students to infer, understand and then deepen their learning. We are proactive in ensuring that teachers are experts in their subjects and that this knowledge is passed on to students in an effective manner.

Consequently, subject curriculum are built around knowledge and skills that students need to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. This facilitates the development of equality of access for all students to address the gaps coming from social disadvantage.

Each year’s curriculum builds on previous years knowledge and skills that facilitates progression and challenge and consequently widening the horizons of opportunities for our students through sequenced opportunities for academic and personal growth.

We believe that all our students are entitled to access our subject-centred curriculum, which offers a broad and balanced range of courses, and to maximise use of our wide range of facilities. We hone this provision to best meet individual needs where appropriate. Particular care is taken over key transition points including: secondary transition across key stages; KS3 to KS4; and KS4 to appropriate college/ apprenticeship pathways to enable students to achieve successfully.

We are clear about the importance of literacy and numeracy skills to students’ achievement. Our approach to developing literacy and numeracy is integrated throughout the curriculum as well as being embedded in all aspects of learning to engender a sense of trust that all taught content is worthy of knowing in the creation of a sense of trust in the knowledge and also in the person who is delivering and facilitating these experiences as well (epistatic trust*)

*the willingness of an individual to consider new knowledge as trustworthy and relevant and therefore worthy of taking onboard and integrating into individual lives.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum (Year 7-9)

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is followed by students in Years 7-9. Our aim is to allow students to bridge the gap between primary school and Key Stage 3 by fostering in students a love of learning. Students are provided with a thorough grounding in the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be successful at RISE education.

All students will study English, Maths and Science with PE and PSHE and Life-skills and as the students progress into KS4 additional subjects for study will be introduced which will help to define the career trajectory of each individual student.

The curriculum will offer academic and accredited pathways as well as non-academic and non-accredited experiences which will add a sense of personal achievement and personal success to augment and to enhance the academic achievements of each individual student.

The intent will be to offer bespoke and personally relevant experiences to each individual student so that they can grow, flourish and can work towards achieving recognised academic qualifications as well as opportunities to develop as individuals so that they are able to participate in society in a meaningful and fulfilling manner.

(see Curriculum Policy for further information.)


Key Stage 4 Curriculum (Year 10-11)

Years 10 – 11, follow the Key Stage 4 curriculum. The school offers a wide range of very high quality academic and vocational courses. The school offers a broad and diverse curriculum which acknowledges individual student starting points and individual needs.

(see Curriculum Policy for further information.)


Trips & Visits

Trips form a key aspect of young people’s learning. They enhance the student experience by giving them a wider perspective on issues covered in school and developing cultural capital to broaden the student experience for all.

Location Year Group Purpose
Legacy in Croydon for Sporting Activities. ALL To provide all students with opportunity to take part in sporting activities.
Animal Therapy and Animal Care ALL To offer the opportunity for all students to take part in animal care and animal therapy if needed as a way of caring for and interacting with animals to develop skills such as empathy, care and compassion and to experience a natural environment outside of school.
Vocational sessions through external provider/ Young Lewisham. SOME To offer vocational pathways for students to learn construction, decorating and tiling linked to vocational accreditation and work experience programmes.
Arts Award and Creative Workshops-if in school or outside of the school environment working with artists, visiting galleries and creative hubs. ALL To enable students to develop as creative practitioners as part of their Arts Award programme and to have the opportunities to create and to be innovative and to also achieve a qualification or additional accreditation.
Careers and Next Steps- links with colleges and local authority of Merton. Year 10 and Year 11

To provide knowledge and aspiration about what life at university is like and develop as a potential destination.

To develop aspirations for students to follow the inspiring career pathway of their choice and the access route to achieve this.



Students at RISE Education are encouraged at an early stage to start thinking about their future careers and employment. There is a whole programme of activities organised to open the students’ minds to ideas about their future – and to raise their aspirations. Activities include a wide range of external speakers in assemblies; visits to externally organised careers/employability or university fairs; discussion groups and workshops, and visits to different workplaces and companies

All key stage 4 students are given advice and support in school to prepare a CV. This helps them to learn about how to describe their skills and talents in a CV, and how to approach businesses and organisations when they will be ready to go on to colleges or apprenticeships in the world of work.

Outside links

We host a Careers Fair every year in school where students have the opportunity to meet employers and individual professionals from a whole range of employment sectors and training providers. Students can find out about apprenticeships, further and higher education, and employment options.    

The school also works closely with local businesses and organisations to help students as they look to explore their chosen career paths further. We encourage our students to aim high and we work with all year groups to help students acquire the skills they will need in order to be successful in their future careers. We have close links with CABS, Deen City Farm and Legacy outlined below where students learn different skills and get involved with the local community.


Croydon Auto Bike Scheme (CABS) is a well-established project with 20 years of experience working with young people and engaging them in mechanics and riding. The youth workers and mechanics have developed a programme that supports the needs of young people who are struggling academically at school, at risk of exclusion, ASB behaviour, trauma, at risk of being involved in the criminal justice system and special educational needs.

CABs offer many programme options that young people can get involved in, from school daytime programmes, evening youth provisions and tailored-made programmes. The CABs team has a wealth of knowledge and qualifications to enable appropriate support for young people.

 CABs support young people with their well-being and have dedicated mentors who can help them through challenging times.

Mentoring is individual to the young person, and the mentor will support the young person to determine a defined goal through an open commitment between both parties. Young people, when they start, will be notified that they have the option of mentoring should they feel they need it at any point.


Deen City Farm

An urban farm with an educational focus.

Deen City Farm is an urban farm with an educational focus in the heart of the London Borough of Merton. They teach the local community about the rural environment and where their food comes from. They have an active Volunteering programme as well as a Riding School offering affordable lessons to the local community.

They are a registered charity (no. 1008028), supported by Merton Council, and rely upon donations from visitors and the local community to help us carry out our work. They play host to a huge range of activities and events; providing educational visits to schools, riding lessons for people of all levels, holiday schemes working in the farm yard and much more.


Legacy is a multi-purpose facility where young people in Croydon have the opportunity to discover their full potential.

They are a local charity, offering young people aged 8-19 and up to 25 with additional needs the chance to take part in varied activities that suit their needs and passion. They support young people in finding out what they want to pursue in life, they open doors to new experiences and opportunities.

The Youth Zone provides a safe environment where young people can come and enjoy themselves and will enable young people to raise their aspirations and confidence to create a happier and healthier generation.



What is CEO? CEO stands for Construction and Engineering Opportunities.

CEO is a training programme that some of our year 10 and 11 students are engaged in where they, as part of the careers programme, get the opportunity to work in Construction and Engineering. They will gain the skills needed for a possible pathway to employment. It is a 16 week programme where they will gain a qualification. They will discover their potential to discover their strengths and interests in the exciting world of plumbing and electrical work. These hand on experiences will be the building blocks for their future success.