It’s back to school time. RISE Education welcomed back all new and returning students this week. Returning to school after a relaxing summer can be challenging and stressful, which is why we would like to help our students to make the most of the time at RISE Education and as stress-free as possible by:


Keeping it positive 

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.”– Dalai Lama

By establishing good practices, positive environment we build students self-confidence and motivate them.


Identifying individual needs 

We appreciate that everyone is different and have a distinctive set of skills. Students benefit from smaller groups at RISE Education. At the school we arrange the students into small groups to improve the learning quality of the sessions.


Being supportive

We offer mentoring services and flexible programme for students with underlying issues.  We understand that issues related to school and social pressure can be overwhelming for young people, which is why we as RISE Education go above and beyond in making sure our students are in the best environment to get the most out of their education.