Attendance and Absence Management at RISE Education School

At RISE Education School, we recognise the pivotal role that consistent attendance plays in a student’s academic success and overall development. Regular attendance ensures that students can engage with our tailored curriculum, benefit from interactive learning experiences and build solid, lasting, purposeful relationships with peers and educators.

Promoting a Culture of Punctuality

We instil in our students the value of punctuality from their first day at RISE. By arriving on time, students demonstrate respect for their peers and instructors, establish a positive routine, and maximise their learning potential.

Monitoring Attendance

Attendance is recorded and monitored daily. Unauthorised absence can be followed up by the Local Authority who can issue penalty notices.

Clear Communicaiton with Parents and Guardies

We maintain open lines of communication with parents and guardians regarding attendance. Regular updates, notifications of unexplained absences, and personalised support plans are provided to ensure that families are well-informed and can actively participate in their child’s educational journey.

Supporting Well-being and welfare

We understand that occasional absences due to illness or unforeseen circumstances are inevitable. In such cases, our dedicated welfare team works closely with families to ensure students receive the necessary support to catch up on missed work and integrate back into the school community seamlessly.

Rewarding & Celebrating Excellent Attendance

We believe in recognising and celebrating students who consistently attend school. We hold events, awards ceremonies, and special incentives throughout the academic year to acknowledge and motivate those with exceptional attendance records.

Interventaion & Support plans

We develop tailored intervention and support plans for students who face ongoing challenges with attendance. These plans may involve additional resources, counselling, or collaborative efforts with parents and external agencies to address underlying issues.

By fostering a culture of punctuality and maintaining open lines of communication, RISE Education School aims to provide an environment where students can flourish and achieve their full potential. We are committed to working in partnership with families to ensure that every student enjoys the benefits of consistent attendance and has the opportunity to thrive in their academic pursuits.

You can download a copy of our Attendance Leaflets

You can download a copy of our Attendance Policy